Science Battle

How postdocs can change the world!

Science Battle – Realize your Dream

How can your discoveries impact the world? With no limitation on money, resources, or time, tell us how your research project will progress. Team up with your friends and present your science or technology project at the symposium. You will have the stage for 5 minutes to showcase your work and collective creativity.

Team composition:

Each team must have a between 3-6 postdocs and each member must play an active role on stage. However, much like any other live action play, every individual does not need to speak. Team members can be from the same or different institutions, i.e., this is a competition that focuses on you, not your institution. It’s also a platform for fostering future collaborations.

Presentation topic:

The research topic has to be related to a scientific project developed by one or more team members.

Presentation style:

Communicate your research to the audience using props you view as being most appropriate – You can talk, dance, sing, or even use slides!

Guide to Assembling a Team:

  1. Talk to your colleagues and friends about your grand plan to participate in and win the Science Team Competition.
  2. Tell them about the awesomeness of your work, why you feel motivated to tell the world this story, and explain how they could help you.
  3. Now that they’re on board, collectively strategize to create a story that will mesmerize the audience.

If you didn’t sign up during the registration, you can do it at anytime by sending an email to

Note: If you’re interested in participating in the competition and don’t have a team, indicate your interest during the registration. We will help you assemble a team by sending out weekly emails for it to the other participants.

Do I have to provide the BAPS organization committee anything before the competition?

Yes! Please send the names of all the team members, a short description of your topic (3 sentences max), a representative team name, and presentation title to before Saturday, September 1st.